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A good gut feeling 
Stomach & Intestine
For a healthy digestive system

Stomach & Intestine

There could be many reasons for a gastrointestinal illness: viral infections, bacteria or parasites, hairballs or other foreign bodies. Feed intolerances, pancreas or liver diseases, allergies and much more. All can result in vomit - ing, diarrhoea, weight loss or a lack of appetite.

First and foremost in cases of gastrointestinal illnesses is to find the cause and treat it appropriately. Depending on the cause, a suitable diet can be an important factor in this treat - ment. There are many different supplementary feeds which help support gut recovery.

Recurrent stomach and intestinal problems may also indicate that there is an allergy to certain foods. If a gastrointestinal problem caused by an allergy is suspected, we can also recom - mend a highly digestible feed from the “Allergy” section.

Matching treats & snacks

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The most common symptoms of a diseased or impaired gastrointestinal system are diarrhoea and vomiting. The causes can be extensive. This requires prompt action and an easily digestible diet, which can compensate for the loss of nutrients and support recovery in the best possible way

Tips for pets and owners:

  • In cases of vomiting no food should be given to the animal until 12 hours after it last vomited.

  • Ensure that there is always fresh drinking water

  • Avoid tiring and stressful situations for your pet during this time.

  • Start feeding your pet again in small, lukewarm portions - ideally a bland diet.

  • For severe or persistent digestive disorders, please contact your vet.