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Company & Philosophy

Who is Vet-Concept?

A vet’s waiting room in 1996. Two concerned dog owners enter into conversation about their four-legged friends. Anita Theis and Torsten Herz decide to track down the original causes of the dogs' health problems. Consultation with the attending vet seems to subsequently confirm the suspicion that a pet's health can be substantially supported by its diet. The basic idea for Vet-Concept is born.

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What is the Vet-Concept? (Philosophy)

The principle is as simple as it is self-evident: even four-legged friends are entitled to high-quality, healthy and well-tolerated food without any harmful additives. As an experienced specialist in the field of pet food, our concept is founded on a complete food in the form of dry and wet food, as well as supplementary feeds and a steadily growing range of different chews and treats.

Where can I buy Vet-Concept products?

Vet-Concept products can be purchased directly in Föhren or from veterinary practices.

Orders can be made directly to Vet-Concept in the online shop, via the free phone numbers, by email, fax or by good old letter post.

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What are the opening times?

The freephone number 0800 - 66 55 220 for orders and consultations can be reached at the following times:
Mon-Fri: 07:30 am - 22:00 pm
Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Does animal testing take place at Vet-Concept?

As a responsible company in the field of animal nutrition, we care deeply about the wellbeing and health of all furry friends.

Therefore, no animal experiments are carried out at Vet-Concept.

Where is Vet-Concept food produced?

Vet-Concept dry food is produced at the production site in Föhren.

The wet food is prepared in close collaboration with two family-owned companies in northern Germany according to Vet-Concept specifications.

Why does Vet-Concept work with the treating practice?

The right choice of food for every four-legged friend has been at the heart of our business since the foundation of the company. Thus advising pet owners is a key issue for us, because it ensures that cats and dogs receive the most appropriate food.

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What does Vet-Concept do to protect the environment?

Vet-Concept is not just a pet food specialist, but also tackles the tasks of environmental responsibility that now arise on a daily basis, especially as a shipping company.

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Is Vet-Concept also socially responsible?

Local, national and cross-border.
Vet-Concept plays a leading role in a number of spheres.

What sets Vet-Concept apart from other manufacturers?

  • We indicate the digestible crude protein of all our products. The usability clearly lies above 90% for all products.
  • For the benefit of your pet's health, we deliberately refrain from processing sugar and caramel in our pet food.
  • We use only meat materials that are selected according to food criteria.
  • We only use whole grains and food-grade vegetables and potatoes for processing.
  • Genetically modified ingredients are not used.
  • Our products are guaranteed to be free from artificial odorants colourings, flavours and chemical preservatives.
  • As responsible animal lovers, we naturally abstain from animal testing.
  • To maintain the quality, the products can only be obtained from your vet or veterinary practitioner or directly shipped from Vet-Concept.