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The pancreas produces vital enzymes required for the digestion of food. If your cat’s bodily functions are restricted by an inflammation or chronic illness, this can damage its appetite and later down the line, result in weight loss and nutritional deficiencies.

Since the metabolism of dietary fats is often severely affected in pancreatic illnesses, we recommend a fat-restricted and very easily digestible diet. A food which could also be used with pet food allergies would be ideal. Vital: the food should be delicious to ensure regular feed intake.

Cats shouldn’t fast for more than two days. Otherwise their unique metabolism can easily get off balance. We recommend spreading several small meals over the course of the day, especially for sensitive gastrointestinal systems and in cases of pancreatic illness.

In recent years, thanks to modern testing procedures, it has become more and more simple to diagnose pancreatic diseases correctly. It’s even more important to treat pancreatitis as quickly as possible after diagnosis, as the symptoms are often hard to spot in cats, in contrast to dogs.

In cases of chronic pancreatitis, cats lose a lot of weight. With a limited digestion of nutrients, intestinal health and skin texture suffer.

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Acute or recurring inflammations to the organ, which can temporarily restrict digestive processes, are also possible and must be treated promptly and effectively in order to protect the pancreas.

On top of enzyme supplements, special nutritional supplements can help to increase food conversion and have a positive impact on intestinal health.

  • In addition to medical care from your vet, the main focus from a dietary point of view is offering an easily digestible food.

  • A fat-reduced, easily digestible and especially delicious food is perfect.