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Already in ancient Rome rabbits were appreciated for their delicate taste and high nutritional value. It contains plenty of protein with high biological value, essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, readily available iron and vital vitamins such as niacin. Due to its high digestibility, this snack, which is particularly low in fat and cholesterol, is ideal as a light meal for the stomach and intestines. Even highly sensitive dogs can enjoy this treat.

CHEW STRIPS RABBIT - Feed material for dogs

Rabbit meat cut into strips provides high
quality protein and is easy to digest especially
for food-sensitive animals.

Composition: rabbit

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 61,6%
Crude fat 17,6%
Crude ash 9,9%
Crude fibre 1,0%
Remaining moisture 9,7%
Feeding recommendation:
Depending on the size of the animal up to 2 pieces/day. Fresh drinking water should always be provided in sufficient quantities.
Many of our snacks are natural chews and not machine-made products. Therefore shape, colour, size and weight can vary a lot, partly also outside of the indicated data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these products.

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