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  • skin and fur
  • skin metabolism and pigment formation
  • with essential fatty acids
Special ingredients:

DERMA-KOMPLEX - Supplementary feed for dogs

DERMA-KOMPLEX is a unique combination of vitamins that are
highly effective for the skin such as biotin, trace elements, essential
amino acids and herbs that stimulate the metabolism.
A comprehensive skin and fur treatment is beneficial for
dandruff, hair loss, body odour, skin irritation and itching.
Treatment with DERMA-KOMPLEX stimulates the regeneration
of healthy skin and hair. The results: intact, resilient skin,
beautiful fur and well-being for your pet.

Herbs (nettle, camomile, field horsetail, mallow, yarrow), locust bean gum,
calcium gluconate, garlic, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), calcium carbonate,
linseed oil, brewer's yeast, seaweed meal, magnesium fumarate

Here you will find the package insert of the product.
Analytical components:
Crude protein 10,10 %
Crude fat 6,10 %
Crude fiber 5,40 %
Crude ash 31,30 %
Sodium 0,30 %
Magnesium 0,50 %
Sulfur 1,80 %
Omega-3 fatty acids 2,40 %
Linoleic acid 0,60 %

Vitamin A 400.000 IE , Vitamin E 10.000 mg, Biotin 300.000 mcg, Vitamin C 20.000 mg,
Vitamin B2 300 mg, Chloline chloride 1.000 mg, Iron 2.000 mg, Zinc 10.000 mg, Copper 400 mg, diatomaceous earth 160.000 mg


small dogs

4 - 15kg


1/4 - MS

medium-sized dogs

16 - 39kg


1 - 2 MS

large dogs

40 - 70kg


2 - 4 MS

1 MS (measuring spoon) is equivalent to 4 g

Ideal as a cure over 3 months - at least 4 weeks. If required also long-term.
Please always provide sufficient fresh drinking water.

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