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Air-dried delicacies from naturally kept lambs from New Zealand grassland not only taste good, but are also guaranteed to be free of growth-forming substances and chemical influences. The easily digestible lamb meat gets and tastes good to almost all mouths.

LAMB NIBBLES - Supplementary feed material for dogs and cats

These little snacks make every dog's heart beat
faster. The little clouds are gently dried.
They represent a good option for additional
dental care.

Meat and animal by-products (lamb), plant-based By-products (potato protein), minerals, eggs and egg products (whole egg powder)

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 37,0%
Crude fat 22,0%
Crude fibre 5,0%
Crude ash 4,0%
Moisture 19,7%
Feeding recommendation:
Depending on the size of the animal up to 20 pieces/day. Fresh drinking water should always be provided in sufficient quantities.
Many of our snacks are natural chews and not machine-made products. Therefore shape, colour, size and weight can vary a lot, partly also outside of the indicated data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these products.

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