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The tender kangaroo meat has a high nutritional value and contains little fat and cholesterol. However, it provides a lot of highly digestible protein, iron and vitamins. The light wild taste makes the hearts of dogs and cats beat faster. Kangaroo tastes particularly delicious and offers allergy sufferers an exclusive alternative to local meats.
Special ingredients:
Gluten-Free Ingredients

KANGAROO BONES - Complementary feed for dogs

Like the other bone biscuits, this product
is also a gluten-free fun to chew. Baked
from high-quality meat, rice and millet, the
bones help with dental care for young and
old animals.

Composition: rice, millet, kangaroo meat meal (18 %), vegetable oil, minerals

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 23,0%
Crude fat 7,0%
Crude fibre 4,0%
Crude ash 6,0%
Recommended quantities/day:
Up to 1 piece, depending on the size of the animal. Water should be available at all times.
Many of our snacks are natural chews and not machine-made products. Therefore shape, colour, size and weight can vary a lot, partly also outside of the indicated data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these products.
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