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  • odour removal and cleansing as a ready-made spray
  • works specifically against odours within animal surroundings
  • removes odours effectively and permanently
  • Thanks to the top quality of Biodor® Animal all animal surroundings are permanently released from unpleasant smells. The recipe based on natural microbiology with unique PermaZym® technology offers an effective and powerful odour removal and durable cleansing. Biodor® Animal contains specifically selected bacteria creating enzymes. These enzymes decompose soilings and remove odours permanently. The odours aren't just covered but tackled at their root and erased cleanly over the long term. This way Biodor® Animal Spray contributes to a visibly enhanced hygiene even in case of strongest odours caused by urine, faeces, vomit or territorial markings. Thanks to the natural ingredients of Biodor® Animal Spray it is particularly gentle on material and skin and is harmless to humans, animals and nature. Recommended by veterinarians.

    baskets, upholstered furniture, carpets, scratching posts, cat toilets and many more

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