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Deze lucht gedroogde traktaties van lamsvlees uit natuurlijke fokkerij op Nieuw-Zeelands grasland smaken niet alleen lekker, maar zijn ook gegarandeerd vrij van groeistimulerende substanties en chemische bijstoffen.
Het licht verteerbare lamsvlees wordt goed verdragen en valt in de smaak bij bijna alle lekkerbekken.

CRISPY HEARTS LAMB - Supplementary feed material for dogs

Hearts baked from fresh lamb, spelt, oatmeal,
beetroot, rapeseed oil and rosemary. Beetroot
promotes intestinal health with plant
fibres (FOS). Low-fat and tasty snack. Also
recommended for dogs with gastrointestinal

Composition: spelt, oats, oat flakes, lamb meat (8.0 %), beetroot (1.0 %), rapeseed
oil, calcium, rosemary

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 16,0%
Crude fat 6,3%
Crude fibre 0,6%
Crude ash 4,0%
Feeding recommendation:
Depending on the size of the animal up to 6 pieces per day. Fresh drinking water should always be provided in sufficient quantities.
Many of our snacks are natural chews and not machine-made products. Therefore shape, colour, size and weight can vary a lot, partly also outside of the indicated data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these products.

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