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Levering binnen enkele werkdagen

The extraordinary taste of healthy deer delicacies pampers especially nature-conscious gourmets.

With valuable meat parts, easily digestible and also suitable for allergy sufferers.

VENISON CRACKERS - Supplementary feed material for dogs

Crunchy rings made from fresh deer meat,
spelt, rye, oats and rapeseed oil from organic
cultivation. Especially firm and healthy. Also
recommended for dogs with gastrointestinal

Composition: deer meat (30 %), spelt, rye, oat flakes, rape seed oil

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 15,5%
Crude fat 10,6%
Crude fibre 9,0%
Crude ash 1,4%
Feeding recommendation:
Depending on the size of the animal up to 4 pieces/day. Fresh drinking water should always be provided in sufficient quantities.
Many of our snacks are natural chews and not machine-made products. Therefore shape, colour, size and weight can vary a lot, partly also outside of the indicated data. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the uniformity of these products.

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