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To order our special diet feeds, we require a written recommendation from the treating veterinary practice. We will be happy to take your first order by telephone in order to activate you for the online ordering procedure.The form for the feeding recommendation can be downloaded here:

Dietary recommendation
For safe capillary blood collection for blood glucose measurement in cats without risk of stab injury for the user. A 3-fold fine grinding of the needle and the optimized needle length for the cat allow a painless blood collection.

VetMate Safety Lancets Cat 26G 1.6 mm, 100 pcs.

The VetMate safety lancet for the cat is characterized by a slim and light design. It is easy to use due to the automatic release and guarantees an optimized capillary blood collection for the blood sugar measurement in cats. No lancing device is required. Since the lancet is automatically secured after use, the product guarantees safe single use. This means that neither the user nor the animal can take an unintentional stab after blood collection. The guidelines for disposable products are also observed.

Note for medical devices: Sale and dispatch by Vet-Concept. Product recommendations and advice exclusively via your veterinary practice.

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