Where can I find the Vet-Concept terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be found:

- in the online shop (GTC)

- in the catalogue

- on the back of our invoices

How can I order from Vet-Concept?

Orders can be placed on all channels and should include details of the invoice/delivery address, the desired items, the quantity of each and the desired payment method.

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What are the freephone numbers?


08 00-66 55 220


80 02-43 05


08 00-66 55 220


08 00-66 55 220


08 00-66 55 22

Other countries

+49 (0) 6502 99 65 0 (fee required)

Is Vet-Concept available from specialist retailers?

Vet-Concept products are not available in specialist stores.

Why? ...

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Where can I find my customer number?

If required, the customer number can be viewed on all invoices / delivery notes received so far, or can be requested by phone or in writing.

In the online shop you will find the number in the section 'Your account - change billing address'.

It is not mandatory to state it if you wish to place an order.

Dietetic recommendation - Why is this necessary and how do I submit it?

For some of our products, we request a dietetic form for your first order. This is a signed confirmation from your pet´s vet,
confirming that the affected pet requires a special light diet. It can be sent to us as follows:

- by e-mail to: info@vet-concept.de
- by letter post to: Vet-Concept GmbH & Co. KG, Dieselstrasse 4, D-54343 Föhren
- by fax to: +49 (0) 65 02 - 99 65 29

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Why can some items only be ordered by phone?

Vet-Concept reserves the right to offer certain articles exclusively for telephone orders, such as those with limited availability. This will ensure that you, the customer, will receive appropriate recommendations for alternative items if the one requested is not available.

Can I compile a personalised order batch?

For logistical and safety reasons, it is not possible to dispatch personalised order batches.

Where can I find the monthly offers?

You can find offer prices for various articles from the chews, treats and supplements section on the start page of our online shop www.vet-concept.de or on the back of our customer magazine Vet-Concret, which can also be downloaded in our online shop.

Can I order on behalf of other people?

For data protection reasons, we do not accept orders for third parties.

Of course, you can always order vouchers and pass them on.

Is there a privacy policy in place at Vet-Concept?

At Vet-Concept, data is naturally treated confidentially. We use the SSL procedure in the online shop for all data that are worthy of protection.

Can I obtain food samples?

We are happy to send you food samples for your four-legged friend. Please register for them using the freephone number.

DE, A, NL: 0800 66 55 220

CH: 0800 66 55 22

L: 8002 4305

Samples of chews and treats are not available for logistical and cost reasons.

Can I individually compile the varieties in the wet food 6-pack?

We are able to offer our customers the advantage price of the economy pack due to the cost saving of packing and shipping several cans of the same variety together. An economy pack thus always consists of 6 cans of one variety.

Can Vet-Concept mix a personalised food for me?

Vet-Concept does not offer personalised mixing of dog or cat food. Our vet-trained consultants will gladly help you choose the ideal food for your four-legged friend from our range.

How can I use Vet-Concept advantages?

We offer our customers various advantages:

Which ones? ...

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Is a subscription delivery possible and how do I set it up?

If you need a certain amount of food in a repeat cycle, we offer a subscription arrangement.

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Why does Vet-Concept ask about my vet?

Supplying the details of your pet´s vet is, of course, voluntary. Your vet will never be contacted by Vet-Concept without your consent.

In the case of feeding one of our light foods, it is necessary to provide the information to ensure that the ideal food for the ailing animal is ordered and administered.

Can I buy the gifts?

Since the founding of our company, our gift and prize promotions have been creating a stir and a sense of fun among our customers. They should continue to be something special and will therefore be made exclusively for our action periods in the future. They are not for sale.

However, we offer some toys in our rewards shop that are similar to our toy gifts. In addition, the baked goods that are sent as gifts usually form an integral part of our range. Ask your specialist advisor about it in your next call.

How can I receive the 'Vet-Concret' customer magazine?

As soon as a new issue of our 'Vet Concret' customer magazine appears, it will be enclosed with all orders. If you are not ordering at the time, please contact our specialist advisors by stating your customer number or address or by e-mail (info@vet-concept.de ) so that we can send you a copy or put you on the subscribers list. Alternatively, the latest editions are always published on our Facebook page and in the web shop.