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Colourful Autumn


after a successful spring and summer 2021, we now offer you and your pets to very special deals for the upcoming autumn. The colourful season draws us out into nature, cooler temperatures invite us to take longer walks, forests and meadows shine in a completely new light and allow us to take a deep breath before winter.

Relax and leaf through our autumn brochure and find tasty snacks for your pet, healthy supplements to support the metabolism and a competition whose grand prize this year is really worth seeing!

Take part in the Vet-Concept competition and win attractive prizes, as well as a stay at the fabulous culture and recreation hotel Laudinella in St. Moritz, Switzerland for you and your pet.

Order pet food within the promotional period from 1st to 30th September and register with your contact details and invoice number

You can sign up until 15th October. After the end of the promotional period, the lucky winners will be drawn and notified personally. The prize draw takes place at the end of October.

The Vet-Concept team wishes you a colorful autumn and good luck!

Our grand prize in 2021: Holidays at the Hotel Laudinella in St. Moritz for two people and one dog

Pure luxury at the Hotel Laudinella in St. Moritz - our winners can indulge themselves. And of course the four-legged friend is also there.
In five restaurants belonging to the hotel and two bars, you can indulge in culinary delights with food and drinks according to your wishes. The surrounding hiking trails and a comprehensive range of leisure activities let you forget everyday life and switch off.

Pure nature and relaxation deluxe - the main prize awaits you and your four-legged friend with a one-week trip to the Hotel Laudinella in St. Moritz worth 1,500,-. An already included food voucher worth 500,- will ensure your physical well-being.




Cubedog Kartenspiel

Cubedog card game

Whether alone with your own dog or with up to four other dog-human teams - with Cubedog you can integrate dog training into your everyday life in a playful way. The aim of the game is to achieve a pre-determined number of points. Each team receives 5 action cards, which specify exercises and score points when completed successfully. The flash cards and jokers make it exciting for several participants to distract the 'opposing' dog or to change the exercise. A game for the whole family on two and four legs! Note: Children should train and play with dogs under the supervision of a competent adult.

Worth EUR 4.90

rabbitgoo Katzenkratzbaum

Rabbitgoo cat tree

The Rabbitgoo cat tree features a 5-tier design with various resting and relaxation areas, making it not only a luxury for your kitties, but also a functional indoor playground. The ultra-soft plush cover makes your cat love to stay and play on this scratching post.

Worth EUR 70.99

Premium Futterstation aus Holz

Premium wooden dog bowl

The food bar not only has a noble design, but is also made from sustainable raw materials. Due to the elevation of the bowls, it makes it difficult for the beloved fur noses to hurl the bowl around and makes life easier for the masters and mistresses.

Worth EUR 29.99

Dyson Outside Staubsauger

Dyson Outside vacuum cleaner nickel/red

Dyson's cordless vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power and smart technology. Faster cleaning for larger homes thanks to a 25% wider floor nozzle and a 150% larger bin. Intelligent whole-home cleaning with laser detection and high suction power. Includes the hair nozzle with entangled hair protection to thoroughly remove pet hair from upholstered furniture and tight spaces.

Worth EUR 799.00


Robotic vacuum cleaner and wiper - ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 950 Care

The optimal cleaning for every floor covering: Equipped with the innovative OZMO technology, the DEEBOT OZMO 950 cleaning robot sweeps, vacuums and mops the floors in just one pass - and automatically adjusts the water dosage to the respective floor covering. Thanks to the intelligent Smart Navi 3.0 mapping technology, obstacles and changes in the floor covering are no problem for the robot.

Worth EUR 599.00

Vet-Concept Regenschirm

Vet-Concept umbrella

The ideal companion in rainy weather - our Vet Concept umbrella in bright orange. If it's not raining when you go outside, it can be easily stored in a large jacket pocket. If it does start to rain, it is quickly at hand and protects against the cool wet. A must-have in every dog household and a real eye-catcher in a trendy design.

Worth EUR 14.90


lionto by dibea transport box for dogs

This practical and sturdy pet travel box is ideal for transporting dogs. You can also use the carrier bag as a sleeping area to house-train your puppy. The generous ventilation areas ensure optimal air circulation even on longer journeys. The dog carrier can be opened at the front and top with a zip. Equipped with a cosy reclining cushion, this dog crate is also suitable as a general place to lie down and retreat.

Worth EUR 36.95

Überraschungspaket für Hunde

Surprise package with dog toys

Wow! This box is filled with all kinds of toys for your four-legged friend. You'll be surprised!

Worth EUR 25.00

Catit Wellness-Center

Catit Wellness Centre

The Catit Senses Wellness Centre is a place where your cat can relax all around. It features differently shaped brushes, textures and massage combs that allow the cat to groom, massage and pamper itself. The components are easily accessible from all sides to suit each pet's individual preferences and habits.

Worth EUR 32.49

Knuffelwuff Hundebett Lotte

Dog bed 'Lotte' by Knuffelwuff

The upper material made of velour not only looks particularly high-quality, it is also very robust and invites to snuggle in. The non-slip insulating material on the underside of the Lotte dog bed protects your four-legged friend from the cold and the pleasantly soft side edges ensure that even draughts can't harm your dog! The filling made of foam flakes is not only soft and comfortable, it is also noiseless, so it won't bother you at all if your dog takes a little longer to find the right lying position.

Worth EUR 60.95

Adelheid Hundeleine und Halsband mit Tuch

Dog leash and collar with scarf by Adelheid

Matching our beautiful collars with scarf, the chic black and white dog leash from the Adelheid brand offers the necessary safety during walks. With this practical leash, you (or even your dog) will quickly attract interested glances.

Worth EUR 12.90

Zeus Varsity Baseball

Zeus Varsity "Baseball"

The Varsity Baseball by ZEUS is a great throwing and pulling toy for dogs. Made of durable and resistant rubber & latex, it is ideal for pulling, kicking and throwing. With the Varsity Baseball, even your dog can hit a home run.

Worth EUR 17.99

Furbo Hundekamera

Furbo dog camera

See, talk, throw treats and get bark alerts with the Furbo dog camera. You are always up to date on what's going on at your home and are notified immediately in case of emergencies. Furbo detects important events in your dog's life and records them in videos. So you can find out what made your dog bark and who ate your socks. You can easily download the videos and save them on your smartphone.

Worth EUR 199.00

Lucky-Kitty Keramik Trinkbrunnen

Lucky-Kitty porcelain drinking fountain

The Lucky-Kitty cat fountain made of high-quality, heavy sanitary ceramic is absolutely slip-proof as well as tip-proof and therefore also ideally suited for stormy cats, small dogs and ferrets. Due to its unique, modern design without corners and edges, this drinking fountain is not only beautiful, but also very quick and easy to clean. Thanks to the 3 different drinking zones, your pets can quench their thirst according to their preference. So they have the option of drinking directly from the fountain, from the bubble area, at the wave area or in the gentle basin area.

Worth EUR 59.90

Vet-Concept Regenschirm

Catit Furniture - Hangout & Hideaway

The contemporary Catit Furniture combines attractive design with sophisticated functionality.

  • Natural banana leaf exteriors resist claws and are comfortable for cats.
  • Sturdy construction includes a cosy hammock and snug bed for sleeping and resting.
  • Hanging sea grass toys provide privacy for a perfect cat living environment.
  • Multiple tier areas for resting and playing.
  • 87 x 58 cm, 3 tiers
  • Diameter of the tiers 46.5 cm , 36.5 cm, 29.5 cm

Worth EUR 181.95

Vet-Concept Abtrockentuch

Vet-Concept towel

Fluffy towel made of 80% polyester and 20% microfibre with high absorbency for water rats and lifeguards. Practical storage in the pouch with drawstring.

Worth EUR 12.90

Katzenhaus Lodge aus Holz

lionto by dibea wooden cat house 'Lodge'

Diese kleine Maisonette ist der ideale Ruhe- und Pausenplatz für Ihre Katze oder auch andere kleinere Haustiere. Ob Balkon, Terrasse oder Garten, dieses Häuschen ist wetterfest und somit perfekt für den Außenbereich geeignet. Am This small maisonette is the ideal place for your cat or other small pets to rest and take a break. Whether balcony, terrace or garden, this little house is weatherproof and therefore perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Transparent slats are attached to the entrance to the inner cave so that your darling is protected from wind and weather and can sleep in peace. The weatherproof and stable roof with bitumen roofing felt not only offers effective protection from sunlight on particularly hot days, but can also be used as the highest vantage point.

Worth EUR 79.95

Vet-Concept Futterabo

Vet-Concept food sub

Everything under control - with the one-year food subscription worth EUR 600 your pet's food supply is covered for the time being.

Worth EUR 600.00

Hunter Katzen- und Hundebett Loppa

Cat and dog bed 'Loppa' by Hunter

Cuddly dogs and cats will love this. With a diameter of 50 cm, the soft Loppa sleeping area is the ideal size for cats and small dogs to curl up comfortably and close their eyes.

Worth EUR 39.90

Navaris Futterstation für Hunde und Katzen

Navaris feeding station for dogs and cats

The three bowls of the feeding station in a chic design are ideal for serving your four-legged friends water, wet and dry food or treats. The stand of the food bar, with its clear design made of bamboo and the cut-outs, is a real eye-catcher in every room. The bowl set also comes with a cute cat print.

Worth EUR 38.99

SureFeed Mikrochip Futterautomat

SureFeed mircochip automatic feeder

The SureFeed Microchip feeder from Sure Petcare offers the perfect solution for multi-pet households! The feeder has a microchip-controlled access by scanning your pet's microchip and recognising it in the future. The flap of the feeder will then only open for registered animals. If another animal approaches the feeding bowl, the flap does not open or closes immediately. The automatic feeder thus ensures that each animal eats the correct food assigned to it.

Worth EUR 124.99

Zeus Trinkbrunnen "H2EAU"

Zeus drinking fountain "H2EAU" 1.5 litres

The drinking fountain meets your pet's need for continuous access to fresh, clean drinking water. Circulating water that can hold more oxygen provides your pet with fresh-tasting, cool, filtered drinking water with a variety of health benefits. Encouraging your pet to drink more water will help prevent the formation of crystals that can lead to urinary tract diseases. The splashing encourages your pet to drink frequently. Please note: Due to the height of 16-17.5 cm, the drinking fountain is not suitable for very small, short-legged animals.

Worth EUR 18.09

District 70 Sardine Kratzmöbel

District 70 - scratching post 'Sardine'

The SARDINE is a unique scratching furniture with a double function: it also offers the cat a hiding place. If you want to create a comfort zone for your velvet paw, you don't have to look any further. With the SARDINE, your interior remains stylish, but also offers your cat the privacy it needs. Curious cats can climb onto the SARDINE and use it as a platform from which they can watch the world go by.

Worth EUR 65.10

Catit "Spinning Bee" Laser-Spielzeug

Catit Play "Spinning Bee" laser toy

The Catit Play bee toy "Spinning Bee" is a fun, interactive cat toy that your cat will go crazy for! It spins like crazy in circles, emits laser beams and treats fall out. Press the button and the bee will spin in circles. A laser beam is emitted from time to time. Put your cat's favourite treats into the toy ... and they fall out of the ball again during the game.

Worth EUR 16.29

Überraschungspaket mit Spielzeug für Katzen

Surprise package with cat toys

Something for every velvet paw - the surprise package for cats contains toys from our range and ensures excitement when unpacking.

Worth EUR 25.00

Vesper Design by Catit Cubo

Vesper Design by Catit - Cubo

The new Vesper Cubo is the super comfortable throne among scratching furniture. With its extra-thick memory foam cushion, it not only invites cats to take a cosy rest. The base construction is made of high-quality MDF and is combined with the high-quality side cover. Interior dimensions: 42.5 x 47.5 x 42.5 cm.

Worth EUR 84.79

FURminator deShedding-Tool Katze

FURminator deSheeding-Tool for cats

The FURminator deShedding tool gently removes loose, dead undercoat during shedding without cutting or damaging the top coat. The undercoat picked up by the blade can be easily removed from the tool with one hand using the handy FURejector push button. When the brush is not in use, the prongs are protected by a push-out cover.

Worth EUR 42.99

SureFlap Mikrochip Katzenklappe

SureFlap microchip cat flap

With the microchip-controlled SureFlap cat flap, unwanted visitors no longer have access from now on. On warm days, when the doors are open, outdoor cats can decide for themselves whether they want to be outside or prefer to be indoors. On cold days, a cat flap is the ideal solution. The microchip-controlled SureFlap cat flap recognises the chip implanted in the cat with a unique identity. This cat flap works with your cat's existing microchip and is compatible with microchips consisting of 9, 10 and 15 digits. The scanner can store the identity of up to 32 pets. There is no longer a need for a collar.

Worth EUR 99.99

Nerf Dog Tennisball Blaster

Nerf Dog tennis ball Blaster

The tennis ball cannon with safety firing mechanism has a range of up to 15 metres. It is ideal for small green areas, for example. The holding device for the ball ensures convenient transport.

Worth EUR 23.99


Vet-Concept Knisterfuchs Franz

Vet-Concept crackling fox 'Franz'

Cuddly soft and crackling - this is how our dog toy with the name "Franz" quickly arouses the interest of curious furry noses. Whether as a cuddly toy or as a retrieving and searching toy, the little fox was taken straight to the heart by our four-legged friends. Due to its low weight it is also ideal for dogs that like to carry their toys around the house.

Worth EUR 8.90

Dogit Erhöhter Futternapf

Dogit elevated feed bowl

The elevated Dogit Design bowl offers your dog a more comfortable eating position. An elevated eating position can help reduce the strain on the neck and back that can result from eating in a hunched position.

  • Holds 2.5 l
  • 33.5 x 33.5 x 18.5 cm (WxDxH)

Worth EUR 52.49

Hundestrandkorb Wachholder

Dog beach basket 'Wachholder'

Give your dog the opportunity to rest in the garden. This dog basket combines comfort and looks. This dog beach basket offers a drinking bowl. With the sun protection, your dog will feel comfortable in this dog basket even in higher temperatures. This dog basket is not only a real eye-catcher but also a comfortable home for your dog.

Worth EUR 229.99