And? What do you feed?

What do we mean by this question? Why do we ask it? Quite simply: because it is asked far too rarely.

No matter whether it's about overweight, allergies or diseases - the right food is an important part of the treatment.

But even when apparently healthy pets are being fed, the only thing that is often paid attention to is that the food tastes good. It is far too seldomly questioned whether the food is the right thing for the animal at all. Because each quadruped is different - and needs an accordingly adapted nutrition. This is the only way to keep your pet healthy and a faithful companion.

We at Vet-Concept are convinced that dogs and cats deserve healthy food. Take the first step now and find really good food for your four-legged friend.
-Best ingredients in food quality.
-Guaranteed: no odours, colours, flavours or preservatives.
-Naturally developed and produced in Germany.
-Only available from veterinarians or directly at Vet-Concept.

Simply browse online yourself or ask our experienced consultants.
Free of charge, of course.

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